Giving new life-DIY Project 2

It all started one beautiful day when I discovered Pinterest… I am just joking I am not going to share some huge story. In this post I am just going to tell you, that yeah, even in Barcelona sometimes I get bored and I need an entertainment of some kind. Pinterest is such kind of a thing and I can spend hours and hours on it. And one day, some time ago I was feeling really bored but still creative, so I decided to spend my time doing some ‘Pinterest experiments’. I found this post for DIY coffee cups. I didn’t need ant specific materials, just some white simple cups (I really hope my landlady wouldn’t mind using hers…), nail polish and water and… tadaaa this is the result.





It wasn’t an absolute fail, on the contrary I would say I am quite satisfied with the result. So this time no #pinterestfail. Follow the link to make your own: