Deadlines, Deadlines…

With the approaching end of the school year, the deadlines are approaching as well. For Coventry University I have to create a poster that should reflect my Erasmus experience, that’s why in this post I decided to share the idea behind my poster and the poster itself.


Being given absolute freedom I decided to create a ‘collage’, using my own drawing skills and some of the pictures i took, that best describe my International Exchange experience. In the beginning of my blog I mentioned that I have something in mind, related to the street art in Barcelona. Well, this is it. I was inspired by Barcelona’s street art and in particular, the many painted doors with lots and lots of stickers on them. This is the reason why I decided to create a collage. Someone might ask how is that connected to my course, Interior design? And the answer is that in one of my projects I researched furniture with meaning and designed a table that tells a story. And this is what I wanted to accomplish with my poster-tell a story about my stay in Barcelona. The graphic drawings that I’ve made contain symbols that are key pieces of my experience and my life in this amazing city and the photos… well I just like them, but they also represent some of my favourite places around the city.


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