Lifestyle 600

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Together with my first Graphic Design Project (CCCP9) I started another 6 week group project. It was presented under the name Lifestyle 600. The project gives publicity of the problems of the current society, such as the biggest financial crisis in the history of our existence or the number of scandals between people and the government. It aims to bring hope for a new beginning, create new reality, retrieve the forgotten values and introduce new life and work opportunities.

We worked in groups that gathered students from different disciplines-Graphic Design, Fashion and Audio Visual Design. We were expected to react and give our position as young individuals to this socioeconomic situation and also figure out mechanisms that can be activated from the design point of view. Possible strategies included: new forms of citizen participation, create communities, patterns of use and exchange, new uses of public spaces, new forms of entertainment, etc.

Together with my group we decided to introduce a problem of the students in Barcelona and their university credits. The system here is a lot different from the one in England, but I won’t go into details. The problem is that all the students are expected to graduate with a certain amount of points (credit RACC), but in order to get them they have to pay for them and because not everyone can afford to do it, we wanted to find a solution and create a web, between students from different universities and different disciplines and make them work together, help each other, use each other’s skills, share workshops, participate in competitions and obtain the amount of credits they need. It was also a great way to bring people together and create a new way of communication between the students, making them more social and open their horizons to new ideas and opportunities. Our project exists under the motto Unify, Collaborate, Create and Share and the name Take & Share.

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We had to create a web page, a short film and also think of a way how to promote our ‘product’. We did a test with potential users, students, from BAU, asked about their opinion about our idea. This project was really social and I met a lot of new people, created some useful contacts and learned how to work in group with people of completely different disciplines with completely different ideas and ways of working.

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Concept: Laura Peiropano, Pol Checa, Susanna Mateo

Video Editing: Laura Peiropano

Web and Graphic Design: Pol Checa, Aleksandra Venkova


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