Time Out Barcelona-Gallery Tour

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One thing I love about Barcelona is that there is always some interesting place to visit and something inspiring to see. I am from the people that like to spend their free time visiting galleries and museums, and I’ve definitely chosen the right city, it is so connected to art I can’t even describe. Almost every street has it’s small gallery or art shop or any shop that’s super exciting and inspiring and enhancing in a way (i hope I make sense).

In this post I decided to share some of my favourite galleries that I’ve visited so far and I can tell they are forming a big part of my ‘international’ experience.




La Plataforma BCN, this is may be the first gallery that I visited. It’s situated on the same street as my University  and put the start of my symbolical tour.




Ambit Galeria Art is everything a gallery should be, only with a really cure garden on the back.



Galeria Maxo is such an unforgettable place, with a stunning, awkward ceiling and number of cool original souvenirs, that you can’t find anywhere in the city. It is definitely worth visiting.



This one I found while wondering around the city. Photographers would be interested.






Hidden in the streets of the old quarter with an interesting interior and some lyric quatations a place one should visit.



Amazing expositions always!


Giving new life-DIY Project 2

It all started one beautiful day when I discovered Pinterest… I am just joking I am not going to share some huge story. In this post I am just going to tell you, that yeah, even in Barcelona sometimes I get bored and I need an entertainment of some kind. Pinterest is such kind of a thing and I can spend hours and hours on it. And one day, some time ago I was feeling really bored but still creative, so I decided to spend my time doing some ‘Pinterest experiments’. I found this post for DIY coffee cups. I didn’t need ant specific materials, just some white simple cups (I really hope my landlady wouldn’t mind using hers…), nail polish and water and… tadaaa this is the result.





It wasn’t an absolute fail, on the contrary I would say I am quite satisfied with the result. So this time no #pinterestfail. Follow the link to make your own: http://www.poppytalk.com/2014/07/diy-watercolor-mug.html?m=1

Something New

Second term started and it’s been interesting. This term I am doing only a Graphic Design module, which is really exciting and also new to me. Usually I study Interior Design, but since I was given the opportunity to chose from all the subjects available in BAU, I told myself why not do something different. It turned up being really useful and enhancing for me. Also I’ve always been interested in that field. It’s challenging, but I’m truly enjoying it.

My first project was to design a logo for Coordinadora de Cooperatives de Consum del Poble Nou, a ‘union’ between 4 consumer cooperatives in a neighbourhood in Barcelona, called Poble Nou. The CCCP9 is a project that stands for raising awareness of responsible and  ecological consumption and proximity. Their inspiration come from La Flor de Mayo.

We got to meet the real client and than we had to present our work to the real client. I’m not going to lie, it was stressful. There is also a money prize for the designer whose logo has been chosen, well…, we’re still waiting for the results. Luckily for me this was the first project of such kind for all the Graphic Design students, so it was kind of new for them too.


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It was difficult for me to understand this project, because of the language barrier and although i did my research, most of the information I found was again in Catalan. I tried to look at other people’s work in order to understand fully the idea behind CCCP9 and I actually got inspired by some of the students in my class. For my logo I preferred to play around with the typography.

In the end after all my language troubles and pages of sketches I created my logo, which I am satisfied with. Of course it can be much better, but the important thing for me is that I got out of my comfort zone, used a software I wasn’t familiar with and managed to submit something that was actually liked by the clients.