Feeling Spaces

One of my favourite classes this semester is ‘Spacial Workshop’. The class itself is a workshop, we are making models and exploring shapes. And the idea behind this is to be able to feel the spaces we are creating with all our senses and also subconsciously. An important thing to say here is that when I left Coventry University and came to Barcelona, I was looking for inspiration and ideas for my final project next year. And this class was really helpful. I was given a list of books to read, among which ‘The eyes of the skin’, by Juhani Pallasmaa and ‘Ways of Seeing’, by John Berger-2 incredible books that every person that calls himself a designer should read and I wonder why haven’t I discovered them earlier.

Another great thing about the class is that it is fully practical and concetrates in model making, which is again beneficial for me. One thing I definitely had to improve was my model making skills and after doing this class I feel more confident in what I am doing and seem to enjoy it more. Also the tutor is really supportive and really tries to make sure that everyone understands the tasks, which is always good and appreciated from my side.

Moving forward.., one of my excersises for this class was to create 3 white boxes (20x20x20) and add different shapes in them and observe how the space changes, aso we had to draw them, which surprisingly was not that easy for me. After adding the shapes we had to add colours as well and again try to feel the space. It sounds easier than it is. My trick was to imagine how I would feel if i was standing in my box, the concept sounds weird but it’s interesting and works your imagination.



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