Electrician skills and a new Software

2015-03-02 10.45.56

One of the classes I am doing is Construction and Installations and it’s divided in two subjects-Construction(from the engineering point of view) and Illumination or lighting design. that class is extremely important and helpful and I am happy that I have the chance to attend it.

I’ve always been interested in lighting design and how it works. I try to work a lot with light and shadows in my work, so this class was really interesting for me. In this post I am going to share what I did in my first classes and also a skill that I am really proud of obtaining.

For our first day we had to bring a lamp holder, 5m cable, lamp socket and a bulb. We learned how to build a lamp, which is a basic skill and may be a lot of people know it already, but I didn’t and I am extremely proud of myself that I learned it.

The purpose of this was for our next exercise, which was to pick an image an abstract photo or painting and than try to recreate the feeling that our first picture suggests. Recreate it, how? Well we had to use our photography skills and take a picture of a place or object, illuminating it with our lightbulb. My feeling was warmth and I had to use cold light. I struggled so much, I really didn’t know what to do, but one day I accidentally took a picture an it was actually the one I needed.




I also started learning a new software, called DIALux, which calculates the amount of light in a certain space and its intensity. This is a helpful software that can really make my design work look a lot more professional. One of our projects was to illuminate a house (Falling Water House, by Frank Lloyd Wright).


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