It’s that time of the year


The sun is shining, seagulls are singing, people sunbathing on the beach and no, it’s not summer coming, but the contrary.  End of November and despite the wonderful weather Christmas mood is in the air in Barcelona. So far i’ve experienced the magic of Christmas in my home country and in England and honestly i can tell that the Christmas spirit is definitely stronger in England. Stores start selling decorations and treats in the early beginning of November, decorations and fancy lighting everywhere, children singing Christmas carol and all that festive feeling when you visit the local pub, wonderful, right? In spite of all that I prefer spending my Christmas in Bulgaria, simply because this is where my family and friends are. This year won’t be an exception, but it is nice to see and experience a new type of Christmas, warmer( talking about the weather) and more…, Spanish.




The decoration of the city is mesmerising, lights everywhere and every street has it’s own unique decoration, which makes it so exciting and interesting to explore. But the thing I loved the most are some of the tiniest streets in the Gotic quarter. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take good night pictures, but I hope that would make you, visit Barcelona and see everything i’m talking about.


IMG_0983And like every big city in Europe, Barcelona has it’s own Christmas market and it’s not only one, there are three of them, although it’s not like the traditional German markets or the ones in England. Here they don’t really sell drinks and treats but mainly handmade christmas decorations, all locally made.


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