Chapter 3 – Studies


It’s about time I start talking about my actual studies here in Barcelona, after all I am an Erasmus STUDENT. In this blog post I am going to share information about the subjects I am taking and about the differences I’ve noticed in the teaching process in BAU and the one in Coventry University.

I am an Interior Design student and this is why I chose mainly Interior Design subjects, but I also wanted to try something different and may be enhance my knowledge in other design areas like Graphics and Fashion. Here in BAU the teaching process consists of different classes every day of the week, different subjects, different projects and would you believe it homework every single day. The classes start 9am every morning and finish around 2pm in the afternoon, after that you are allowed to stay as much as you want in the university, working on your projects.

The first week of the year I was given the opportunity to try all the subjects I am interested in and than chose the ones I like. I was so excited I took 8 different subjects and I was really hoping to do them all. Unfortunately after two weeks I realised that the teaching process is so different from the one I am used to in Coventry. I couldn’t manage my time properly, I had so much work to do, I didn’t sleep I didn’t eat and I hated every second of my time. That’s when I decided I am going to drop some of the classes I wasn’t that interested in and do the ones that are really beneficial for me. So, after one very tiring month I ended up doing the following classes:

Interior Design Projects

Spacial Workshop

Construction and Installations

Light Design

Product Design

Graphic Design Projects.

I can definitely say that the amount of work is tremendous. The difference with Coventry is that here we do all that classes at once, while in Coventry we have different modules that come one after another. I realised that in real life no one would wait for me to finish one project and start the another, in real life everything happens at once and I had to get used to really, like really work under pressure and learn to manage my time.

For now I am doing fine, although there’s not much time for ‘getting lost’ in Barcelona. But luckily the projects are interesting and would be a good addition to my portfolio.


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