Long waited…


This post might not be really connected with me being an Erasmus student, but sure forms part of my experience. In the month of November I had two very special for me people visit me in Barcelona. We’ve dreamed about going together on a trip to Barcelona for years. I remember us sitting in one of our last Spanish classes, just before graduation, planning our trip. We were so determined we were going to go, we discussed all the places we were going to visit, all the bars and clubs we were going to try, all the people we were going to meet, even all the clothes we were going to wear and yes, sounds a bit lame, but come on we were regular teenagers with traveling spirits. Unfortunately we had to postpone our plans with a year, because the girls were starting their studies abroad later this year, so they had more important things to think about. It happened the next year again, this time it was my turn to move to a foreign country, and than we postponed it for the next year and than again the next year. So when I moved to Barcelona, this was all we needed for our reunion. The girls booked their flights, packed their luggage and the rest is.. well, not history, but a small, but special dream come true, that I will definitely remember.






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