Chapter 2 – BAU


Finally my first day in Uni came. As I already mentioned I am a UK Interior Design student, gone on Erasmus for a year in Barcelona. I am a student of Coventry University and for the next few months I will be sharing my ideas, experience and ‘lovely’ personality with students and staff of BAU, Barcelona- Centro Universitario de Diseño.

To be completely honest my first few weeks in BAU were really stressful, not only because everything was so new to me, but because most of my classes were in Catalan, which I didn’t really understand. But it was exciting.

I had the opportunity to chose from variety of classes, focused not only in Interior Design, but in design as a whole. I attended classes like Design History, Graphic Design Projects, Typography, Interior Design Projects, Construction and Installation, Product Design, Design Workshops, Textiles and Materials. Yes, the first 2 weeks were tough. Although I really wanted to take all of the classes I had to drop a few of them, because simply the amount of work is tremendous and even if I wanted I would never be able to pass all of them. The ones I ended up doing are I believe the most beneficial for me. When I came to Barcelona I wanted to find inspiration and ideas for my final project next year and I can honestly say that with the classes I ended up doing, I already have things in mind and looking forward to  turn them in ideas and may be later realise them as projects.

So.., exciting news so far, in my future posts I will try to give updates on my projects, share some of my work and hopefully get some feedback.


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