Chapter 1-First Steps



I’m Alex and I am a UK Interior Design student. This year I had the amazing opportunity to go on Erasmus in my all time favourite Barcelona. I’ve always been in love with Spain and especially Barcelona, not only because of the great weather, lovely people, rich culture and heavenly good food, but because of my Love – FCBarcelona (Yes, I am a huge football fan).

So after filling some papers, spending a really nice summer holiday back home with my family and friends, I packed my stuff and here am I, starting a new chapter of my life (as trivial as it may sound).

I arrived on the 10th of September together with my mum. We stayed in a guest house right in the city centre, excellent location and we started looking for my future accommodation straight away. Whoever tells you it’s easy to find accommodation in Barcelona is lying, it’s NOT! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty apartments and houses, but most of them are meant for tourists and some of the ones left are not in that good condition. Also if you’re coming alone as I am you’ll be looking for the right people to live with. So, my advice to everyone that wants to come live in Barcelona is be patient and really take your time. In another blog post I’ll share a bit more about my experience with looking for accommodation, some advice, tips and things to keep in mind.

So after aproximately 2 weeks I finally found the perfect flat for me and I am ready to start with the Uni. Good times!


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